The gun seller
Author: Hugh Laurie (1996)
Pages: 339

In a “ripping spoof of the spy genre” (Vanity Fair), Hugh Laurie tells the tale of a former Scots Guard-turned-hired gun, a freelance soldier of fortune, who also happens to be one hell of a nice guy. Thomas Lang is a James Bond for the 1990s, with the same ingredients, but brought bang up-to-date, and with much better jokes. Cold-blooded murder just isn’t Thomas Lang’s cup of tea. Offered a tidy sum to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts to warn the intended victim instead, a good deed that soon takes a bad turn. Quicker than he can down a shot of his favourite whiskey, Lang is bashing heads with a Buddha statue, matching wits with evil billionaires, and putting his life (among other things) in the hands of a bevy of femmes fatales. Up against rogue CIA agents, wanna-be terrorists, and an arms dealer looking to make a high-tech killing, Lang is out to save the leggy lady he has come to love and prevent an international bloodbath to boot. The Gun Selleris a terrific debut novel by the well-known British comedian, actor and star of the American TV series House.