The new adventures of Ellery Queen
Author: Ellery Queen (1941)
Pages: 307

TRICK I– The first thing to vanish is a worthless doorstop. Then in the twinkling of an eye, goes its rich and eldely owner. ANd, for the grand finale, both reappear–each as dead as the other. TRICK II–From the House of Darkness issues more bafflement. In total darkness and from a distance of twelve feet, four bullets are pumped within an inch of ecah other into a spectator’s back. A feat utterly impossible to perform–yet brazenly and undeniably done. TRICK III– The piece de resistance. This time it’s an entire house, a real house, a solid house which Ellery Queen had been in only the day before…vanished from the face of the earth. And in its place, one of the most incredible conundrums ever to face the master crime solver. ENCORES– THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN is a classic collection of eight short mysteries and a remarkable short novel.