about me

Elroy Serrao {enygmatic}+photography is the photo blog of Elroy Serrao. Elroy Serrao is a technologist, photographer and part-time blogger from Mumbai. He picked up a camera one rainy day in 2004 and was instantly bitten by the shutterbug. Soon, he moved on from an ordinary film point and shoot to digital.
He currently shoots with an Olympus C765UZ and is looking to move to a digital SLR. Elroy loves nature and the great outdoors, and these often form the subjects of his photographs. He can be found shooting pictures in Aarey and other green spots in Mumbai, the city of his birth. Occasionally he also heads out of the city to trek up to the numerous ancient forts that dot the Maharashtrian landscape.And he also loves the concrete jungle of the city, which also finds itself captured by his lens. But enough about Elroy, get back to enjoying his beautiful photographs.